Welcome to St Laurence’s Church, Long Eaton

At St Laurence’s there is a rich pattern of worship every day of the year, which forms the bedrock of our work and ministry. Everybody is welcome to come and join in, to pray quietly, or simply to sit and soak up the atmosphere in this church that has been a place of worship for many centuries.

Our Clergy

At St. Laurence we unfortunately find ourselves back in Interregnum after the shock news that Fr David Lawrence-March was leaving us and taking up a new post in Cheltenham. We at St Laurence wish him well in his new post.

So as we progress through interregnum and hope for a short interval before the position is filled again

Our Patron

St Laurence lived in Rome, in the 3rd century. He served as a deacon (from the greek word Diakonos meaning Servant -a minister entrusted with proclaiming the gospel and with assisting at the altar) and was also the treasurer and archivist. When during the persecution and the execution of Christians in 258, Pope Sixtus II and his other deacons had been arrested and killed, Laurence himself had been offered a way out – he was given three days to hand over the treasures of the Church.

When three days had passed, Laurence gathered together a group of people who had been helped by the Church – the poor, the sick and the lame. Laurence proclaimed proudly that these were the Church’s true treasures. St Laurence was then himself executed, probably by being beheaded, although legend has it that he was roasted alive on a grid iron -the Christian symbol of his martyrdom!

Our History

The church dates from the 12th century. It was largely rebuilt between 1868 and 1869 by the architect George Edmund Street. The old church was made to form the south aisle. A north aisle, nave and chancel were added in the same style as the old building. The contractor was Mr Hunt of Long Eaton. The pews were replaced with open seating. A new pulpit was carved by Thomas Earp. Two stained glass windows by Ward and Hughes were inserted in the chancel, and a window by Hardman & Co. was inserted in the south aisle and the church re-opened on 26 August 1869

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Our Services


9:30am – Parish Mass


provisionally cancelled due to no clergy


Provisionally cancelled due to no clergy

See the Latest News for additional services or any alterations

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